Weight Advice

Meaningful weight loss that reduces excess fat which stays off in the long term is not easy. It requires commitment & persistence.

For those who struggle with low body weight, gaining weight is just as difficult. An initial consultation with a several follow-up appointments is recommended.

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Breast Cancer Nutrition

Nutrition is compromised by the presence of cancer and also its treatment. Side effects of treatment may include altered appetite, reduced food intake, taste changes, nausea & vomiting and more.

A consultation would include recommendations to manage symptoms & side effects, and would aim to reduce the impact of illness and treatment on nutritional status.

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Exercise Nutrition

Eating well to fuel your body for exercise & fitness regimes is fraught with myth & misinformation. It is extremely difficult for the consumer to know what information is anecdotal and what is science; what food & products are appropriate to eat & which may in fact reduce performance.

Find the solutions for your goals with a nutrition consultation.

Nutrition for Exercise & Fitness


For both Overweight & Underweight

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Cancer Advice

Nutrition to assist with Breast Cancer treatment

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Including Diabetes in Pregnancy (Gestational)

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Exercise & Sports Nutrition

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Heart Health & Blood Pressure

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Healthy Eating

Pregnancy, PCOS, Osteoporosis

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Gut Health

IBS, Coeliac Disease & FODMAPs

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Vegetarian & Vegan nutrition

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My Health For Life

Are you ready to make a change to improve your health? A change that will reduce your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and stroke?

The My Health For Life program will assist you to make healthy change in small manageable steps in the company of a group of like-minded individuals. It involves 6 sessions over 6 months.

The program is delivered by qualified health professionals, yet is completely FREE to participate.  To see if you are eligible, contact Cathy Purcell (0412 850 537) or go to myhealthforlife.com.au

About Cathy

Cathy Purcell is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 20 years of
experience working in the public and private sector. She completed a
Bachelor of Science at University of Queensland, Graduate Diploma at
Queensland University of Technology and a Masters in Public Health at
University of Queensland.

Cathy’s goal is to assist her clients to achieve optimal health outcomes
by changing their nutrition. She is very interested in initiatives to
maximize the health of our community & prevent ill health.

With 3 children of her own, Cathy understands the challenges of providing
healthy food for family within a budget. She has provided nutrition
services to residential & aged care facilities and attends to clients of the Dept of Veteran Affairs.

The field of nutrition is awash with conflicting messages & advice. The
Accredited Practising Dietitian credential is the only credential
recognized by the Australian government.

Cathy has a keen interest in many areas of nutrition & will provide up to date & trustworthy advice to address your nutrition query. Her approach is caring, honest and client-directed.

Cathy Purcell


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